We praise God for His provision

November 21, 2000- A year ago 2434 was nothing but a grown up field. A year ago 2434 was covered with weeds and almost useless. Today, due to the kindness of a Christian friend and the help of my wonderful brother, it is a level lot covered with grass and blooming with flowers. A year ago people started driving on 2434 and bogging down was a normal part of their travel. Mud and slick piles of weeds made each excursion an adventure; and not the pleasant kind. Today, thanks to the kindness of Christian friends in a wonderful Church, 2434 has a concrete drive way, a concrete parking area, and a paved entrance. A year ago snakes, rats, and spiders were the main occupants of 2434. A year ago 2434 was just a field to traverse for local rabbits, squirrels, and dogs. Today, due to the mercy and grace of our wonderful Lord, it holds the first home that two wayfaring strangers on this earth have owned in over 31 years. A year ago the present residents of 2434 were filled with confusion and despair as they tried every method in their means to find a place to dwell but every road seemed to led to a dead end and every effort at finding a place to stay ended in failure. Today the lights of 2434 gleam brightly each night as they cast a welcome glow that spells Home as I drive in from work. God is great and greatly to be praised. There are many things that I thank Him for and for which I praise His wonderful name. Among them this year is the place I now call home- 2434 Allen Road. It was bought with God’s directions. It is being paid for by God’s provision. And it exists so that two workers for God will have a place of refuge and refreshment as they journey around our state doing a work for God. Thank God for 2434

January, 2000 the Beginning

The ladies of Grace FWBC of Lake City helped plant flowers around our new home
Mill Branch FWB Church provided money for a concrete driveway and Parking Pad
A brick front porch and brick underpinning were added in 2001

In 2010 money from our retirement celebration provided a new roof and a covered front porch

Our Home is now a place of warmth and comfort even in cold snowy weather
May, 2014 God continues to bless